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all posts are collaborative g**gle docs

Making jaron.club

collaborate and comment in doc

The blog and doc singularity

I’d always wanted to have a blog. But, blogging seems so solitary. g**gle docs are pretty much the opposite of solitary. So, I made a blog that just uses g**gle docs! I hope that people get in to the docs and comment and edit.


Gatsby + Netlify

The front-end! The code is all on GitHub

DriveCMS.xyz + Firebase

The back-end! Powered by this sheet

Continuous publishing

Publishing is baloney! The future is all about life in the stream. Now we’re publishing every hour, on the hour, using a Google Script trigger to publish and trigger a Netlify build via webhook!

What’s next?

Other types of content

Code, images, etc …


Does this format code blocks?


What about `inline code`?